How Do You Send a Postal Order Online?


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It is not possible to request, fill out or send an official postal order online, as of 2015. Due to the nature of the form, which requires a physical transfer of funds rather than a deduction from a checking account, you must visit a local post office location to request the money order form, fill it out and provide a sales associate with the equivalent payment to receive and send the slip.

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How Do You Send a Postal Order Online?
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Postal orders are a special type of money order issued by an official post office entity, allowing purchasers to securely send payments without the need to share personal and financial information.

When you complete the form and provide the post office with the matching funds, it issues you a document that functions in the same manner as a check, including options to print the name of the recipient on the order and to specify its redemption location, in some cases.

To fill out a postal order, you must provide your name and phone number, along with the name and address of the party to which you are making the payment. You also need to include the current date and sign the form to receive a proof of receipt for the order. If you lose the money order, or need to replace it after damage, you must visit a post office branch with your receipt and fill out additional forms.

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