How Do You Send Packages to Prisoners?

Due to security concerns, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as well as the corrections departments in most states, no longer allows individuals to send packages directly to prisoners, and it requires the use of third-party care package companies. Through these companies, a person purchases one of a number of different pre-made care packages, which the service then delivers to the prisoner at specified times.

Before purchasing a care package for an inmate, contact the prison or jail to determine the care package companies with which it has agreements. If you order a package from a company the facility does not accept packages from, the inmate will probably not receive the care package. Some jails and prisons also limit the number of care packages each prisoner can receive over a certain time period.

Using an approved care package company takes some of the personalization out of sending an inmate a package, but the system does have advantages. Because approved care package providers are only allowed to offer items approved by the facility, there is no risk that any of the items you send the inmate will be rejected and sent back to you. Using a dedicated care package company also reduces the risk that contraband, drugs or dangerous items enter the facility illegally.