How Do You Send a Package?


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Pack your item securely, weigh it, then affix appropriate postage and mail it. The cost of sending packages with USPS varies depending on how much the package weighs. You can weigh the package at home or take it to a post office.

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  1. Pack items in a box

    Pack a box of appropriate size with the items you want to ship. Add padding as necessary, and seal the box with packing tape.

  2. Address the box

    Write the address of the package destination in a prominent place on the outside of the box. Also, write the return address slightly above the destination but in a smaller font.

  3. Weigh and add postage

    Weigh the passage and consult a guide from the post office to find out how much postage to use. Print a label for the appropriate amount, and stick it on the package before mailing.

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