How Do You Send a MoneyGram?

send-moneygram Credit: Daniel Lobo/CC-BY 2.0

A MoneyGram can be sent in person or online, states the MoneyGram website. Visiting the website helps find the closet brick-and-mortar location, or money can also be sent by filling out online information or through a mobile MoneyGram application.

Sending money online or using a mobile device is a fast and convenient way to transfer funds, according to MoneyGram. Transferring money can be done with a credit or debit card, and funds usually arrive within 10 minutes after the money has been sent. Sending funds through a U.S. bank account can take up to three business days after the transfer is sent. Money can be sent to an individual or to a designated receiver's account for deposit.

Funds totaling up to $2,999.99 U.S. dollars can be transferred online through MoneyGram to most countries, states MoneyGram. These overseas transfers can be made directly to individuals as well as banking institutions, and are subject to agent availability, hours of operation and local regulations. MoneyGram sets the exchange rate when money is converted from one country to another. For more information regarding changing dollars to foreign currency, as of March 2015, it is advisable to phone the company at 1-800-MoneyGram.

Transfer fees for a MoneyGram are based on the chosen service option and transfer amount, and are subject to change, notes MoneyGram.