How Do You Send Money Using a Checking Account?

The Western Union website states you can send money from a checking account. Users can link a checking account to their profile, verify the account and send money immediately. The Capital One website also states it offers transfer services for customers.

Linking a checking account to a Western Union profile is accomplished by adding the routing and checking number, notes Western Union. An instant verification feature is available where users can enter the login information of the chosen bank to immediately confirm the account.

There is also the delayed verification option, states Western Union. This option is for people who do not have online banking. The feature makes two deposits in the user's bank account in two or three business days. When the deposits show up in the account, the user goes to "Manage Bank Accounts" and then "Complete Verification" to enter the deposit amount. The account is confirmed once the deposits match. The user can then send money from the checking account when the account is confirmed. Fees are associated with the transfer of funds.

People can send money for free via the Capital One website if they happen to be a Capital One customer.. The bank allows customers to move funds out of savings, checking and credit accounts to another Capital One account or an outside institution.