How Do You Send Money Through Western Union by Phone?

You can send money through the phone with Western Union Finance by using Western Union’s Money in Minutes service, explains Western Union. This service allows you to send money by phone to over 200 countries worldwide.

There are a couple of different ways to send money by phone with Western Union, the company says. To use its Money in Minutes service, call 800-225-5227. You can pay with a credit or debit card that is issued by a bank in the United States, and save your tracking number in the event there is a problem with your transaction. Funds may be delayed or services may be unavailable based on certain conditions on transactions, including amount sent, currency availability and identification requirements.

You can also send money by phone to an inmate at a correctional facility. The maximum amount you can send is $300, as of 2015. Call 800-634-3422 for English, or 800-325-4045 for Spanish. Once you’ve dialed in, follow the instructions as prompted and provide the requested information. You need the inmate number of the individual you are sending money to, according to Western Union. You can pay with your U.S. bank-issued credit card or debit card, and save your tracking number to ensure proper delivery.