How Do You Send Money Online Via Western Union?

To send money online via Western Union, log into or create a profile, click on the Money in Minutes link, enter the receiver’s information, and fund the transfer with a credit or debit card. A confirmation email with a money tracking number is delivered by email, notes Western Union.

Alternatively, Western Union also offers a three-day money transfer service that is less expensive to use than the Money in Minutes service. Three-day service allows senders to send money from a bank account to a Western Union agent location where the receiver can pick it up within three business days. Services that send money directly to a receiver’s bank account are also available, states Western Union.

In addition, Western Union offers WU pay, which allows for customers to pay a bill using an online bill pay service. The funds are transferred directly from the sender’s bank account. It is also possible to send money to receivers living in countries where Western Union offers mobile phone money transfer services. This service lets money be sent straight to the receiver’s mobile phone via a mobile account, notes Western Union.

Western Union also offers senders the option to send money to inmates in certain penal facilities. Typically, inmates can have the money in their accounts the same day that the sender sends it, according to Western Union.