How Do You Send Money With a JPay Money Transfer?

Interested parties can send a JPay money transfer by using the Internet, making the transfer over the phone or visiting any MoneyGram agent location, according to instructions on the JPay website. In some cases, JPay also transfers money by processing money orders sent to the JPay Money Order Lockbox.

JPay allows family members and friends to transfer money to an inmate's commissary, spendable trust account or dedicated purpose account using cash, a money order or a credit or debit card. Depending on the correctional institution, the funds are generally available to the prisoner the next day, explains JPay.

Using the Internet to transfer money requires accessing the website, entering a state and inmate number in the form fields, clicking Next and filling in personal and credit or debit card information to make the transfer. Making a money transfer using cash requires a trip to the nearest MoneyGram location, filling out a JPay form with contact information and the identity of the prisoner and presenting identification, notes JPay. Family and friends can also make a money transfer over the phone by calling customer service at 1-800-574-5729.

Friends and family must fill out a form that can be downloaded from the JPay website to use a money order to transfer funds to an inmate in a correctional facility that requires this process. The form and money order must be mailed to the JPay Money Order Lockbox for electronic processing, states JPay.