How Do You Send Money?

How Do You Send Money?

A secure and inexpensive way of sending money is by using money orders, states the USPS. Other money order providers include MoneyGram and Western Union.

Money orders can be purchased from the closest U.S. post office and sent to the recipient or handed over to them, says the USPS. Recipients can collect the money by presenting the money order at the nearest cash point, or they can have the money deposited to their accounts by the sender.

You can purchase a money order from the USPS using cash or a debit card. Money orders can be used to send money to recipients in domestic and international locations. USPS lets you send up to $1,000 to domestic destinations via money orders.

You can also buy money orders and send money online or from mobile devices if you choose MoneyGram, says the company's website. When purchasing a money order online or from a mobile phone, you can use credit or debit cards or transfer money from your bank account. With MoneyGram, you can send up to $2,999 to recipients using money orders.

To send money to those with an email account and a bank account, use PayPal, states the PayPal website. PayPal makes it possible to send larger sums, even to international recipients.