How Do You Send a Late Rent Notice Letter to a Tenant?


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While exact wording of a late rent notice letter to a tenant may vary, it should include that rent is late, how much rent is due and when, and what the penalty is for late rent. For habitually late tenants, send two notices by regular and certified mail.

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The late rent notice letter should contain only facts and no negative commentary about the tenant. If the tenant is not often late with rent, the notice may be friendly. Sample wording includes: "This is a friendly notification that rent for your home is now late. If this was an oversight on your part, send the payment immediately to avoid any late payment charges." Below this should be a reminder of how much the rent is, when it is due, and a courteous "Thank you for quickly attending to this, and please contact us if you have any questions."

If tenants are habitually late with rent, the letter should be less friendly and include the new amount owed after explaining the due date, rent amount, and late fee amount. Remind them that payment is due immediately and that failing to do so will result in eviction. Send this notice by both regular and certified mail requesting a return receipt and requiring a signature. If tenants fail to pay, they have already been notified of eviction, preventing the need to mail another letter. Remember to keep copies of all tenant correspondence.

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