How Do You Send a Follow-up Email After Applying for a Job?


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After submitting a job application to an employer, compose a short, clearly worded email message that is addressed to the hiring manager, and reinforce your interest in the position. The email message should have a polite tone and be sent one or two weeks after submission of the application.

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When composing a follow up email to a potential employer, it is important to keep your message simple, and you can do this by following a basic email template. The email consists of a subject line, address and body. In the subject line, you should state that the topic is a follow up for a specific job position. A topical subject line lets the hiring manager know what to expect when she opens your message. Use a salutation such as "dear," and include the hiring manager's full name, spelled correctly.

The body of your message is the most important part, and this is where you must convey your enthusiasm for the job in a few sentences. First, remind the recipient about the position for which you are applying, and then let her know you are checking on the decision-making process. Politely reiterate that you feel you are the best choice for the position, and relay how excited you are at the possibility of joining the company. Offer to send additional information, and note that you're looking forward to hearing from her.

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