How Do You Send Direct Packages?


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Packages can be sent directly through the mail with the United States Postal Service both nationally and internationally. Other package delivery services are available through FedEx, Parcelforce Worldwide and other shipping companies.

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In order to use the United States Postal Service's services, you must be in the United States. Packages, however, can be shipped internationally. To send a package, start by obtaining a shipping label. This can be purchased at a local postal facility or printed online.

To print online, start by making a USPS account at USPS.com. With an account, go the Learn About tab on the USPS website. Click the Print a Label button, and enter the relevant information such as the sender's address, receiver's address and payment options.

After printing the label, find a box to ship your package. If you do not have a spare box, you can purchase one at a local postal facility. Add any necessary padding for fragile items. Following this process, tape the shipping label on top of the box so that it is visible to the delivery man. The volume or surface area of the box is irrelevant as USPS calculates prices according to weight. International shipping has strict weight restrictions. As of June 2015, USPS does not allow the shipment of international packages over 70 pounds without the purchase of Priority shipping options.

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