How Do You Send a Certified Letter?


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Send a certified letter by filling out Label 3800 and attaching it to a standard envelope or shipping box. Select the desired mail class and any additional services. Confirm the mailing address and package options before paying for postage.

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  1. Fill out certified mail label

    Locate and complete Label 3800 for certified mail delivery. This label is found at all post office locations and requires the sender's and recipient's addresses.

  2. Select the appropriate mail class

    Certified mail may be sent as Priority, First-Class Mail or First-Class Package. Each mail class features unique postage rates based on the package's weight and destination.

  3. Choose additional options

    To ensure the delivery of a letter, assign additional services to a certified letter. For example, for an additional fee you may add a return receipt restricted feature, which means only the recipient may sign for the letter.

  4. Attach label to parcel

    Once finalized, attach Label 3800 above the delivery address and to the right of the sender's address.

  5. Pay the postage

    Pay the required postage fees, which are based upon package weight, destination and any additional features you have added.

  6. Ship the letter

    Once all postage is paid, hand the package over to the USPS mail clerk, and accept your receipt for postage, which includes an expected delivery date.

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