What Are Some of the Best Selling Products in the Internet?


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Some of the Internet's best-selling products include computers and computer-related items, consumer electronics and other entertainment-based merchandise, such as music, books and video games. Apparel, personal care products and items related to health and beauty also figure prominently.

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Revenue from Internet-based retail sales equals about $280 billion, as of 2015. Books occupy the top spot in terms of online sales, accounting for a sizable percentage of the total number of books sold in the United States throughout 2015, a figure equalling just above 570 million. Computer hardware and software, as well as tablet and notebook computers themselves, make up a massive portion of overall online sales. The consumer electronics category, consisting of personal devices geared toward day-to-day use, such as video cameras, speakers and headphones, are also consistent online sellers.

Clothing is another sizable source of revenue. Unexpectedly, the apparel market outpaces even the gaming industry in terms of Internet purchases, which totalled over $1 billion in 2014. Toys and video games are close behind the clothing industry, driven by blockbuster holiday consumption, which pushes sales figures higher every year. Videos, DVDs and music purchases, rounding out the list of entertainment-related items sold online, usually prove to be reliable revenue generators. Other top online sales items are health and beauty items such as perfume, makeup, and hair and skin care products, as well as jewelry.

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