What Are Some Selling Points of Modular Cottages?


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As of 2015, selling points of modular cottages include custom appearance, energy efficiency, high-tech home automation and quick installation, according to Newsday. Easy care and low maintenance are other beneficial features of modular homes. When exposed to severe weather conditions, module-to-module unit combinations can provide a stronger home system than traditionally built structures.

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Modular homes, including Craftsman-style cottages, can be practical, attractive and eco-friendly, reports Newsday. Home manufacturers install features such as automatic ventilation, dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets, and recycled glass tile, steel and composite decks at the factory. Modular home manufacturers can also factory-install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that homeowners control with their mobile devices.

A modular home manufacturer can complete a home in the factory in a few months, while the builder obtains necessary permits and prepares the home site for construction, explains Newsday. The manufacturer delivers the home in several pieces, and then installers assemble the home on the home site, sometimes in less than one day.

After the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, Federal Emergency Management Agency inspectors found that modular home developments there suffered minimal structural damage, notes Kiplinger. However, when modular cottage owners are ready to sell, they may have to educate potential buyers that modular homes are not the same as mobile homes.

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