How Do You Sell Stock Without a Broker?


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Selling stock online without a broker can be done by opening an account with low-cost trading fees, completing a stock certificate transferring form and waiting for the stock to appear in the account before selling it, notes The Nest. Stock can also be sold through a company without a broker by opening a direct registration account through the company website, returning the stock certificate and trading the stock.

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When opening an account online to sell stock without a broker, there's a chance the investor can trade it for free, according to The Nest. Opening an account often requires providing a name, Social Security number, address and related information. When completing the transfer form, the investor needs information found on the back of the certificate signature guaranteed, which can be done by going to a bank.

Once a stock is ready to be sold, it can be done at a limit price or at the current market value, notes The Nest. When the investor offers the stock at a price he sets himself, it's only successfully sold if it reaches that specific price. When selling a stock without a broker through a company, it's faster for the transfer agent to register the stock ownership instead of allowing the stock certificates to remain in the investor's possession. The investor is then mailed a check once the stock is sold.

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