How Do You Sell Your Shares Online?


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Sell your shares online by opening an account with an online stock trading service, providing the information for your stock portfolio and visiting its page for placing trades. Designate the stock symbol, amount of shares to sell and the type of trade you wish to make to initiate the sale.

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To sell shares of a company's stock, you must first own the shares, meaning that if you purchase new shares, you need to wait for the full sale to resolve. Typically, you receive the appropriate title transfer paperwork three days after the original owner accepts your purchase. You also need to have an account with a trading tool service to sell the stocks online yourself; the tool acts as a virtual broker and manager, and it provides you with access to the appropriate stock market. Link the trading account to a bank account to receive the money for the stock sale.

Once you choose the stocks you wish to sell, open the tool for posting a trade and enter the stock market symbol for the company. Choose the number of shares you wish to sell and select a trade type; a market order trade is the most direct option, as it sells the stocks for the best price available. Once the sale completes, you receive paperwork and payment within three days.

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