How to Sell My Product to a Company?


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According to Success Magazine, there are various strategies that can be implemented when selling a product to a company. Firstly, product owners should market the product to a smaller part of the corporation instead of trying to market the product to the whole corporation, as this is challenging. Focusing on a single department or division is a good idea and makes it easier to get an audience with the management.

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Product owners should conduct adequate research when selling to big corporations, find out the gaps the product can fill in their organization and use these as the selling points. It is crucial that product owners avoid selling a full range of products to these companies, as they prefer to keep their existing suppliers compared to a new untested supplier. It is a good idea to start with a simple product that addresses an unmet need. Executives at large corporations buy into products that offer business results, such as increasing sales and reducing costs, which should be the focus of the speech when pitching the product to these busy executives. Product owners should also expect to be rejected and should not take rejection at face value, rather continuing to improve the proposition every time it is rejected. It is also important to watch out for developments in the prospective accounts and find ways for the product to solve any arising problems.

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