How Do You Sell a Product?


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Common steps in selling a product include acquiring product knowledge, assessing a prospect's needs, building rapport, presenting compelling benefits, closing the deal and following up with service. The specific activities involved in selling a product vary by industry and product.

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Successful selling begins prior to meeting a prospect. Salespeople must become familiar with the pros and cons of the product or services they sell. Thorough product knowledge prepares a person for a quality presentation and effective handling of buyer concerns. The first meeting with a prospect is used to build rapport and identify the buyer's needs. Making conversation and building trust with a prospect impact the reaction of the prospect to a product recommendation. After some small talk, a salesperson asks questions to identify the needs and concerns of the buyer.

The salesperson delivers a customized presentation describing benefits that address the buyer's needs or problem. Benefits include all of the elements of the product that may represent value to the buyer. After a presentation, prospects may raise additional price or product concerns. Reemphasizing benefits and getting a buyer to focus on quality are keys to closing. If the selling process goes smoothly, closing is often a formality of filling out paperwork. If not, an extra nudge to draw out and combat any hesitations helps.

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