How Do You Sell a Pen in an Interview?


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The best way to sell a pen in an interview is to think of some reason why the person you’re selling to needs the pen right now. An example of this could be to write down a good financial tip you have for them.

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This technique is often referred to as “creating immediacy.” People tend to purchase things when they think that there’s a time limit attached to the purchase which could make them miss out on something. According to Dealer Marketing, other ways of selling a pen or anything else include asking a lot of questions and establishing a relationship with the fictional customer in the interview. The point of the interview is to impress the one interviewing you, so thoroughness and dedication go a long way. You can come up with a whole fictional scenario such as pretending that you are an employee in a pen factory and coming up with some lines about how old or accomplished the factory is. It helps to ask a lot of questions about who is going to use the pen and what they want it for, as well as what type of pen color and style they prefer most.

interviewers who ask you this question are trying to determine how you get information, how you respond to it and how you close the deal.

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