How Do You Sell Your Limited Edition Prints?


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You can sell limited edition prints by contacting an art gallery, signing up with an online art brokerage firm or selling the prints directly to buyers through an auction site such as eBay or a classifieds sites such as Craigslist, as of 2015. In all cases, make sure the prints are in clean condition and that you independently research each price before committing to a sale.

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Many local and national galleries regularly buy limited edition prints from popular artists and typically conduct authentication processes on each piece. Larger galleries may also have dedicated departments or representatives for buying limited edition prints, whereas small galleries may not have the same resources and available budget for purchases.

Art and print brokerage firms handle the purchase of the prints on behalf of collectors and other entities, offering sellers a degree of protection against fraudulent purchases. Some brokerage firms do not feature online sales, instead requiring you to take the print to a local office for verification.

Selling a print through an auction site often requires pictures to prove to buyers that you actually own the item along with a description of its condition, the date of the painting and its artist. Some sites also require you to create an account before you can post listings, though certain classifieds sites allow you to make posts anonymously. These sites also allow you to set your own price range and shipping options.

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