How Do You Sell Your Land Yourself?


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Sell your land yourself by obtaining the appropriate tax records for your county, conducting an independent appraisal of the land to determine its current value, surveying the land to find its official boundaries, and advertising it through appropriate channels. After drafting and signing a sale contract with the buyer, you may also need to file additional paperwork to transfer title of ownership or settle any outstanding liens on the land.

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The process of selling your own parcel of land begins by collecting all the necessary documentation for the lot, including tax records, zoning permits and other information you need to provide to potential buyers. As the sole selling agent, it is your responsibility to set the price of the land, which often involves hiring an appraiser to visit the property, inspect it and estimate its current fair market value. It may be necessary to obtain estimates from multiple appraisers or real estate brokers to find the average price.

Once you choose the best asking price, pay for a new survey of the land to create a record of its exact boundaries compared to surrounding land. The surveyor is also able to file these boundaries with the county to update official records. You also need to post ads in relevant areas, such as land publications or classifieds websites, to find buyers. It is also up to you to draft all the documents for the sale of the land and transfer of all legal rights.

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