How Do You Sell Items Through the Cajun Swap Shop in Louisiana?

The Cajun Swap Shop is an online forum where users create postings to sell various items within the sate of Louisiana, as of May 2015. To post on the site, create an account and post a new thread in the matching product category of the city in which you live.

Like many online classifieds sites, the Cajun Swap Shop allows customers to sell various goods, ranging from musical equipment and electronics to cars and boats. To post an ad for these or any other items, you need to sign up for a free account with the site. The registration page contains a full list of the site's terms and conditions, including details about the items that you may not sell through the site. This section changes over time but may include bans against selling firearms, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

After creating an account, choose a location from the list of available regions, which include Arcadia, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and others. Next select the product category that best matches the item you want to sell. Click the New Topic button to create a new thread in that section. Then include a description of the item, its price and a picture, if available, and publish the thread.