How Do You Sell Items Online Using the ISold It EBay Franchise?

How Do You Sell Items Online Using the ISold It EBay Franchise?

To sell items online using the iSold It eBay franchise, find and visit the closest location, receive an estimate, review the selling techniques in the store, and wait for the items to sell. You receive payment after the buyer accepts the package and eBay and iSold It deduct their fees.

  1. Visit the nearest location

    To find the closest location, call the iSold It headquarters, or go to its website to run a search. Bring the items you wish to sell to the store.

  2. Receive a valuation estimate

    Let a store employee examine the items you want to sell and provide you with an approximate selling price for each item.

  3. Review the selling techniques

    Ask the sales associate to show you how they photograph, write a description, and package and ship each item.

  4. Sell the items

    If you feel confident with the iSold It process and are happy with the price evaluation, leave your items at the store to be sold, and complete any paperwork to ensure you get paid. No payment is required upfront on your part. Once the items are sold and received by the buyer, eBay and iSold It take their fees and send you a check. If any items remain unsold, pick them up from the store.