How Do You Sell Insurance?


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To sell insurance, obtain a high school diploma and take required training to become an insurance sales agent, advises the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Most states require licensing of insurance agents, although the route to gaining a license varies from state to state.

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Most employers that hire insurance agents require agents to have obtained a high school diploma. Education beyond high school is useful to agents looking to break into the insurance field, and obtaining a bachelor?s degree helps a candidate stand out from other applicants.

Many employers provide the training that a new agent requires on the job. This generally involves shadowing a more experienced insurance agent to learn how to interact with customers and how to conduct business under the employer?s guidelines.

To sell insurance in a particular state, an insurance agent must obtain a license in that state, advises the BLS. States may require separate licenses for different insurance products. Agents are required to pass exams that test their knowledge of insurance fundamentals and laws covering insurance in their individual states. Agents who also wish to sell financial products need to pass additional tests in order to qualify under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA.

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