How Do You Sell Your House Without a Realtor?

How Do You Sell Your House Without a Realtor?

To sell a house without a realtor, do extensive research, prepare the house, price the house, market it, and close the deal. Selling a house without a realtor requires knowledge, the right attitude, Internet skill and motivation.

The first step to selling the house is becoming familiar with real estate transactions. Read books about selling real estate, and go through contracts and paperwork for the home. Gather forms and paperwork needed to make the sale, such as insurance documents, property records, legal documents and disclosures.

Next, prepare the home for selling. Fix functional and cosmetic issues before attempting to sell the house. Things that cannot be fixed should be factored into the home’s pricing. Replace carpeting, repaint scuffed paint, and fix broken items, such as air conditioning and roofing. Clean the house thoroughly.

Price the house appropriately to be able to sell the house more quickly. Refer to recent neighborhood sales to get an idea of what the home is worth. It may be necessary to hire a professional appraiser, especially where there are major discrepancies with current offers.

Marketing the house involves listing the house for sale online, particularly on websites that get a lot of unique traffic. Local newspapers, traditional media outlets, online forums and social networking sites are all good ways to advertise a house for sale. Lastly, negotiate the deal before closing, and ensure that the closing paperwork is filled in correctly.