How Do You Sell a House Without a Realtor?


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You can sell a house without a realtor by researching market trends, preparing the house, pricing the house well and negotiating the sale terms with the prospective clients.

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  1. Research real estate transactions

    Utilize books and the Internet to get information on how homes are sold. Go through the documents you received when buying your house to get some insight.

  2. Prepare the house for sale

    Do all critical repairs, repaint walls and refinish floors. Ensure that the house is clean and appealing. Repair electrical appliances that are damaged, and replace those that are irreparable.

  3. Price the house

    Set a price for your house. Check on prices of similar houses in the neighbourhood in the last six months for a cue. Hire an appraiser to get the market value for the house.

  4. Market your house

    Use online house listings to market your house. Look for sites with good traffic. Place a sign at the entrance indicating that you are selling the house. Use social media and neighbors to spread the word.

  5. Negotiate with prospective buyers

    Set a bottom price for the house. Consider offers from prospective buyers, and give counteroffers. Use an attorney to help with negotiations.

  6. Close the deal

    Do all the relevant paperwork for the handover after accepting the buyer's offer. Expect house appraisals before the final transaction. Use an attorney to assist you in closing the sale.

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