How Do You Sell a Gift Card for Instant Cash?


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Many supermarkets now have Coinstar Exchange kiosks that can exchange gift cards for cash. Entering your ZIP code or city and state at Coinstar.com will help you find the nearest location that provides this service.

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Coinstar Exchange is the quickest way to immediately exchange gift cards above the amount of $20 for cold, hard cash. Coinstar Exchange requires users to provide identification and contact information, such as their phone number, email address and a state ID or credit card. The exchange rate is typically 65 to 80 percent of the total amount on the card. Coinstar Exchange then prints out a voucher that may be redeemed in-store at the nearest cashier.

If the exchange rate for Coinstar Exchange is too steep, there are online alternatives like Cardcash.com, which will redeem gift cards up to 92 percent. Cardcash will only redeem cash via Amazon gift card or Paypal. Another alternative is Cardpool.com, which offers exchange rates similar to Cardcash. They will also redeem gift cards via a check that is sent in the mail. Another alternative is Raise.com, because they always redeem gift cards at a flat rate of 85 percent and provide a printable envelope for free shipping and handling.

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