How Do You Sell on EBay?

How Do You Sell on EBay?

To sell items on eBay, create a listing with a detailed description of the item and images. Once the item is sold, wait for payment, and then ship the item.

  1. Create a new listing

    Select the most appropriate category for the item you're selling. Write a detailed description with as much information as possible about the item, and upload photos of the item as well. Many categories ask for item specifics such as material, country of origin, condition or color. Be sure to complete as many of the item specifics as possible, as this helps people to find your item in a search.

  2. Set the price and shipping options

    eBay offers an auction as well as a "Buy it now" option. Select one or both options. Set a starting price for the auction and/or a price for "Buy it now." If you are unsure of the price point, research similar auctions that are currently listed as well as ones that have recently sold. Auctions with a low starting bid attract more viewers. Before completing the listing, select the shipping option that works best for you.

  3. Ship the item

    Once the item has sold and payment has been received for it, ship the item. Payment from eBay can be delayed if you are a new seller. Use Paypal to collect payment from the buyer and eBay, and print the shipping label through My eBay to ensure faster payment.