How Do You Sell a Burial Plot?

How Do You Sell a Burial Plot?

Burial plot owners can usually sell a burial plot online if the cemetery they have purchased the plot from doesn't want to purchase it back, notes Kiplinger. Plot owners may only be able to get about 50 percent of the original purchase price due to a lack of awareness that burial plots can be resold.

Use these steps to sell a burial plot.

  1. Contact the cemetery
  2. Contact the cemetery before attempting to sell. Ask first, if they are interested in repurchasing the plots. If not, ask if they allow people to sell their plots to a third-party. Also get the facts about any potential maintenance fees and ownership transfer fees. These are fees that the cemetery may charge when transferring plot ownership between the seller and buyer.

  3. Create a sale listing
  4. Go to a site that specializes in selling burial plots. These sites list the ad online for up to one year for a fee, states Grave Solutions. Create an account. Set up a listing detailing key information about the plots like location, asking price and provide contact information. It may take a long time before the plot sells as this is a slow market.

  5. Complete the sale
  6. Contact the cemetery when ready to sell the plot to a buyer. The cemetery will provide documents transferring ownership for both parties to fill out and sign. Return these documents to the cemetery along with any fees. The cemetery will give the new owners burial rights and the buyers will provide payment for the plots, if they have not already done so.