How Do You Sell Ad Space on a Website?


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The easiest way for website owners to sell advertising space on their websites is by joining banner ad networks that recruit advertisers. Owners who want to maintain complete control over the banner advertising on their sites can recruit advertisers on their own.

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Banner ad networks provide services such as controlling the placement of banner ads on websites and keeping track of earnings that the ads generate. Networks receive a large percentage of the ad earnings, ranging from about 30 to 50 percent, as compensation for their services. High-traffic websites that have at least 100,000 monthly visitors can become part of a banner network's cost-per-thousand-advertising-impressions program. One drawback for website owners who use banner ad networks is that the owners do not have control over the subject matter and content of the ads that the networks place on their websites. Occasionally, banner ad networks may place inappropriate ads on websites.

Website owners who do their own advertiser recruiting can control the nature of the ads that appear on their sites. To be successful in recruiting, owners marketing their sites to advertisers should be prepared to show that their ads are good investments because their websites have specialized content and high traffic. Self-recruiting website owners need traffic-tracking technology in place to bill their advertisers properly and a method of collecting payments from their advertisers.

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