How do you self-publish a book?


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Authors can self-publish a book by purchasing an ISBN number and formatting the book for online sales or contacting a publisher to create hard copies of the book. Authors must pay for the printing and determine how to distribute the book. Publishing and distributing a book can take months.

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  1. Purchase ISBN numbers

    If the book is written, edited and formatted, the next step is to obtain an ISBN number for the book. As of 2014, ISBN numbers are required for all books except for e-books that are published directly to Kindle, Barnes and Noble or iBookstore. ISBN numbers are typically purchased online in blocks of 10.

  2. Choose printing and distribution methods

    E-books are typically distributed online through vendors, such as Kindle, while hard copies are printed by a publisher. The book should be formatted to meet the specifications of the printer, and it should feature a high-resolution image for the cover. The costs of publishing and distributing a book vary, depending on the number of copies being printed and the terms offered by third-party vendors. For example, some vendors require hard copies of the book to have bar codes that are able to be scanned.

  3. Market the book

    After the book is printed or made available as an e-book, marketing is necessary to improve the book's sales. Marketing can include creating social media campaigns or making local appearances at bookstores or other venues.

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