Are Self-Evaluations Effective?


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Self-evaluations are effective at encouraging employee participation in evaluating work performance. They are also effective tools that help an employee set personal goals within the company, such as increased production or moving up the management ladder.

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A self-evaluation asks an employee to analyze his work performance honestly and give input on his development and career trajectory. Self-evaluation benefits the employee's supervisor or management team because it clearly communicates the employee's motivation and drive. Self-evaluation tools also keep the supervisor from having to spend too much time evaluating each employee.

A good evaluation presents the employee with a series of questions that makes the employee assess his performance over a specific period of time. These questions often make employees develop a job description, create personal goals for the next evaluation period and give an account of any shortcomings along with ways to overcome them. These answers give the employee and the supervisor a starting point for communication during the post-evaluation meeting, including discussing any questions the employee has about his current work or what he can expect if he hopes to advance in the company. This discussion also allows communication of the company's goals or the next quarter or evaluation period.

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