How Do You Select People for References?


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Reference selection involves deciding which individuals can properly convey why an applicant is qualified for a job, are able to handle tough questions and have a desire to see the applicant succeed. Potential references include professional colleagues, past managers and members of old teams or divisions in the workplace.

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A person should be contacted before he is listed as a reference since doing so is more professional, gives the person time to prepare for a phone call from a hiring manager and lets the applicant know whether the person wants to be listed as a reference. The applicant should also be clear on how the potential reference feels about him and what the reference may say if contacted.

A reference should also be updated on the individual's current career goals so that he can better craft his responses and prepare information relevant to the position. Making sure references are updated is especially important if hiring managers have started reaching out to references.

A reference can be listed according to his name, job title, relationship to the applicant, the name of the company he works for, address and contact information. Applicants should ask a reference the best way he can be contacted. An individual should occasionally check in with his references to make sure contact information is current.

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