How Do You See a Physician Without Insurance?


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Most doctors accept uninsured patients if they pay upfront, so you can simply call the physician's office and schedule an appointment, according to About.com and The Billfold. You can also ask about payment plans or other options to help you afford the physician's fees.

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If you cannot afford a typical primary care physician, you can try your state health department, reports About.com. Some have doctors on staff or can direct you to low-cost clinics in the area. Some clinics accept payments on an income-based sliding scale. Commercial walk-in clinics are also often more affordable than a hospital visit if you have a more serious illness or injury. You may be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant instead of a doctor, but these professionals are qualified to treat many conditions and can refer you to a doctor if you need more care.

You can also visit a hospital emergency room without paying upfront, reports About.com. However, you should only use this option if you have no other options or if you are experiencing a true emergency because emergency rooms often struggle to keep up with the large number of patients needing care. Emergency rooms may have long waits and can be expensive. Even though they cannot refuse treatment, you are still responsible for the bill.

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