How Do You See the Exxon Mobil Stock Quote for Each Day?


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Daily Exxon Mobil stock price data is available through the Exxon Mobil Historical Price Lookup web page operated by Thomson Reuters, explains the oil corporation's website. Information on past and current stock quotes is also available at Nasdaq.com and Marketwatch.com.

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Exxon Mobil's financial results and the associated stock market performance are influenced by a wide variety of factors, explains the corporation's website. These include statutory regulations, overall economic conditions and operational efficiency. Some factors affecting the corporation's financial performance, such as certain forms of risk mitigation, are within Exxon Mobil's control, while others, such as legal restrictions and civil insurrections, are outside the company's ability to manage.

For instance, the precipitous fall in oil prices that started in 2014 due to a combination of overproduction by oil-producing countries and waning demand from major oil-consuming economies, both factors outside Exxon Mobil's control, caused the corporation's stock value to decline by 6 percent in the second half of 2014, according to Fortune.

Other factors that may affect Exxon Mobil's financial performance and its eventual stock price include the seasonal weather patterns that influence energy demand for cooling and heating, and variations in consumer preferences, the corporation's website explains. In addition, concerns over climate change and greenhouse gases may eventually result in a regulatory environment that increases Exxon Mobil's cost of doing business, profitability and eventually, the company's share prices.

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