What Do Security Training Classes Teach?


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Security training classes teach people how to become security guards and consist of classes aimed at providing participants with a certification.Certifications can then be used to gain employment and are mandatory for those seeking employment as a security guard in most states, such as New York.

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Security guard training classes for a certification will cover basics such as handcuffing, pepper spray usage and baton training. More advanced training such as CEW training, shotgun training and level 3 commission training is also involved. Different organizations will also offer different courses such as on-the-job training and additional firearms training courses. The courses can be given in groups or can occur in private sessions, though private sessions will cost more.

Security officers are tasked with protecting a facility and the people or equipment within a facility so they must be able to handle dangerous situations both physically and mentally. On-the-job training can help a new security officer know what to expect in a dangerous situation and can speed up response times in a real life situation. Some security guard training companies will also offer perks such as free lifetime re-certifications, free equipment rentals or free firearm rentals. It is recommended that security guards continue to train even after they have received their certification.

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