What Security Services Does Group 4 Provide?

Group 4's security services include corporate risk and compliance, detainee and prisoner transport, fraud and investigation, security personnel and systems integration services. The clients to which Group 4 provides security services include government agencies, energy and chemical companies, hospitals and healthcare agencies, and institutions of higher education.

Group 4's corporate risk and compliance services include risk consulting, corporate investigations, executive protection, information protection and intellectual property. The overall goal of these security services is to help businesses prepare and respond to security risks to their assets and persons. Detainee and prisoner transport services provide security personnel oversight to local or interstate transfers of detainees and prisoners by both ground and air transportation.

The organization's fraud and investigation services equip businesses to combat the risks of data fraud and other threats. Specific services in this category include surveillance, investigations of losses, fire liability investigations and database services. Group 4 also provides security personnel, including Custom Protection Officers, Upscale Security Officers and Property Resource Officers, to both government and private sector organizations, including retail stores, residential communities and health centers.

Systems integration services include electronic security, monitoring services, video surveillance, and critical infrastructure consulting and design, as well as security for communication systems.