What Is an IT Security Policy?


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An information technology security policy defines and dictates the framework, regulations and standards to which all users of a company's IT system must heed, explains Palo Alto Networks. IT security policies are most effective when they address the specific needs and issues of an organization's particular use of its technology, both internally and when in contact with the outside world.

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The main objectives of a successful IT security policy are the protection of information and the maintenance of the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the IT system, explains Palo Alto Networks. Striving to make these three elements the main strengths of the system protects the system from outside assaults, prevents information leakage and creates an environment in which authorized users can productively use the system.

To set up an IT system security policy that best suits an organization, planners should incorporate several steps into the strategizing and implementation phases, explains Palo Alto Networks. The first steps are to set clear objectives and define the scope of the security system. After this, specific smaller goals should be clarified, and individuals should be assigned responsibility for meeting benchmarks and maintaining compliance within specific sectors. After such a plan is implemented, the security policy needs to be updated and adjusted as necessary depending on technological development and changing conditions, both within and outside of the organization.

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