What Is Security Life Insurance?

What Is Security Life Insurance?

Security Life Insurance Company of America offers individual dental and vision insurance plans. Security Life also offers group dental, vision, and life insurance. Short-term and long-term group disability insurance is also available, notes the company.

The individual dental and vision insurance plans offered by Security Life are for individuals age 18 or older, and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There are no online enrollment fees for either of these plans, according to Security Life. The PrimeStar dental insurance plan covers two dental cleanings and exams per year. As of 2015, the maximum benefit amount under this plan is $2000 per year. With the PrimeStar vision plan, insured individuals receive immediate coverage without a waiting period. The plan covers one vision exam each year.

The Gemstar group insurance plan provides dental, vision and life insurance to a business employees and their families. There are no waiting periods on most of the services included in this plan, and discounts are available to employees purchasing both dental and vision insurance, reports Security Life. The Gemstar life insurance plan includes a two-year rate guarantee and includes accidental death and disbursement coverage.

The Premier Choice group insurance plan allows an employee to further customize his dental insurance by choosing an annual maximum, a deductible and a co-insurance amount. Additional optional benefits are also available with this plan, explains Security Life. The Premier Choice vision plan provides in-network and out-of-network benefits as well as discounts on laser surgery. As of 2015, the Premier Choice term life insurance plan offers coverage amounts from $10,000 to $50,000. Short-term and long-term disability insurance is also available with the Premier Choice plan.

The ACA Dental plan is a dental-only group insurance policy, notes Security Life. The ACA Dental plan offers comprehensive coverage for children and adults.