What Does a Security Guard Do?

security-guard Credit: Hill Street Studios/Tetra images/Getty Images

Security guards have many responsibilities, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a guard's overall goals are to protect a place of business and enforce its rules. The specific duties vary somewhat depending upon the employer's needs. There are several ways to oversee safety, such as patrolling and using technology to screen and observe. Some guards receive on-the-job training, but certain states mandate background checks and introductory courses.

At an educational institution, a security guard patrols the grounds, keeping an eye out for anything that seems out of place. Guards who work at stadiums during concerts and sporting events primarily focus on crowd control and traffic flow. In museums, security guards are charged with protecting displays by supervising visitors and searching bags. At gaming centers, guards are on the lookout for cheaters and underage players. Underage customers are also kept out of bars by security guards, who must maintain order at the same time.

Stores need security guards to prevent shoplifting. At many private and government offices, guards monitor the entrance of individuals and vehicles, allowing access only to people with proper credentials. At transportation centers, security guards check passengers to prevent them from bringing along any illegal or dangerous materials. Factories use guards to protect their employees and their equipment.