How Secure Are Online Payment Services?


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Online payment services are often more secure than traditional finance management methods, such as paying bills by mail. Studies suggest that thieves are less likely to steal financial information from an individual using online payment services, claims HowStuffWorks.

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There are still risks associated with online payment services, but there are ways to minimize the risks. Individuals should not access online payment services or enter personal information using public computers and connections. Thieves and hackers can use keylogging programs and other software to steal personal information from public networks and computers.

Certain web browsers, such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox, have built-in security measures and encryption to promote online security while browsing the web or using online payment services. Browsers must be updated to the most recent version for maximum security. In addition, users should change account passwords at least once every two months and use antivirus software.

Most web addresses start with "http" in the URL. However, online payment URL addresses begin with "https" to signify a secure connection. Online wallets, such as PayPal or Google Checkout, offer a secure way to process online payments. These services allow users to make online purchases without using bank or credit card information. The services are not completely secure but allow users to dispute questionable charges.

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