How Do You Secure a Cleaning Contract?

To secure a cleaning contract, ensure that your business and workers comply with all the health and legal requirements. Create a detailed marketing strategy for selling your services professionally including word-of-mouth, print and electronic methods. Become a reputable cleaning services provider by being timely, organized and open to constructive criticism from your clients.

Build credibility with existing and potential clients by delivering only quality services as this drums up more business through word-of-mouth referrals. Potential commercial clients require to see a portfolio with some likely to ask for reviews from other customers.

Identify companies that require your services, and reach out to the person in charge of cleaning services. Endeavor to secure an appointment with them to discuss your services. Whenever possible, give them an estimate or a quote in writing. Since they are most likely already engaged in another contract, do not despair as your pitch is likely to be lined up with others for consideration in the next financial period.

If you can afford it, advertise your new businesses in a local paper or other local business publications. Start to build an email list for direct marketing, and set up a social media page through which you can reach out to get your business noticed. You may also offer a discount for new clients as a way to get more contracts.