What Are the Sections of an OSHA Safety Data Sheet Template?

What Are the Sections of an OSHA Safety Data Sheet Template?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration Safety Data Sheet template has 16 sections, as the organization's website details. The first two sections identify the product and manufacturer, the chemicals contained in the product, the hazards and the recommended uses for the product.

The product's ingredients, substances and mixtures are detailed in section three, as OSHA indicates. Sections, four, five and six cover first aid, fire fighting and accidental release measures, respectively.

Section seven of the OSHA SDS template provides handling and storage guidance, explains OSHA. Section eight covers exposure limits and personal protection measures. The physical and chemical properties of the product are detailed in section nine. Stability and reactivity are covered in section 10, and section 11 lists toxicological information.

Sections 12 through 15 of the template are optional, advises OSHA. Section 12 provides ecological information, and section 13 offers product disposal guidance. Transportation information is listed in section 14 and section 15 details relevant regulatory information. Additional information, including details about SDS revisions, appears in section 16.

Employers are required to provide Safety Data Sheets to employees who work with hazardous chemicals, according to OSHA. Employees must have immediate access to the SDS without leaving the work area. A backup SDS is also mandatory for emergency situations. Employers must contact the product manufacturer to obtain copies of the relevant Safety Data Sheets.