What Is Section 608 in the EPA Certification Test?


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The Section 608 EPA certification test is required for technicians working with stationary refrigeration and air conditioning. This certification demonstrates that its recipient is competent to properly handle and recycle the various ozone-depleting refrigerants used in such equipment.

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Section 608 of the Clean Air Act establishes four separate levels of EPA certification for handling refrigerant technology. Type 1 certification is for technicians working with small appliances which generally contain less than 5 pounds of refrigerants. Technicians with a Type II certification are only allowed to work on medium, high and very high pressure applications, while a Type III certification is for those working on low pressure applications. There is also a universal certification, which covers the requirements for the other three types.

Individuals can take the Type I certification exam as either an open or closed book test. If taking the closed book test, a score of at least 72 percent is required for each section, while those taking the open book exam must score at least 84 percent on each section to pass. In addition, if a person takes the open book exam and later wishes to receive another type of certification, they are required to repeat the core sections in the later exam.

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