How Do You Search for Unclaimed Inheritances?


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Unclaimed.org and many states host websites where you can search for inheritances and other property that belongs to you. On MissingMoney.com, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators search engine, enter your last name and a state, and then click the GO icon. This gives you the widest search possible.

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Once you reach the results screen, you can narrow the search. Add your first initial or first name, your middle initial and a city. Change the drop-down menu selection from Search All States and Provinces to just one state or province. This can be your current state of residence or a state where you previously lived or stayed for a length of time.

Clicking the Exact check box limits the search to only exact matches to your inputs. If you search "Linda Brown" with Exact checked, you get results for "Linda Brown" with different middle names and initials. Leaving Exact unchecked brings up listings with "Brown" and no first name, "Lynn Brown," and other first names. Only the first 200 results display, so try progressively narrowing your search.

If you find a match for your name, the name of the company that reported your unclaimed property appears next to it. The table also shows whether the amount of money is over or under $100. Clicking the row in the table with your name brings up a page with questions to help you determine whether the amount is yours. If you think it belongs to you, you can file a claim with the state holding the money or property.

Another way to look for inheritances is to search on the names of deceased relatives, friends and others who might have left you money. You may need to provide verification of your right to any inheritance money you find from them.

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