How Do You Search for Property Tax Liens?


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Look in the property records at the county clerk's office to find property tax liens on a given property, reports SFGate. In some counties, this is possible online, while in others, it's necessary to visit the county clerk's office in person to get the necessary information.

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Before a lender underwrites a new mortgage on a property and before a home sale can go to settlement, it's necessary to clear all liens. In some counties, clerks send letters to property owners when entities file liens against their property, but that practice is not always uniform. County clerk offices do maintain up-to-date records about liens, and those records are public and available to anyone wanting to know about the property, as stated by SFGate.

Find the Parcel ID for the property in question if the county clerk's website requires it, or enter the property's address. If searching under the parcel ID, choose to see all of the available record books on the property. Peruse the search results to see if any liens have been filed against the property, either for delinquent property taxes or other reasons. It's also possible to file liens against a property for such reasons as winning a judgment against the owner, delinquent taxes to the IRS, delinquent child support or mechanic's liens for contractors who performed work on the property but did not get their payment, notes Nolo.

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