How Do You Search for Property Deeds?


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People can search for property deeds by contacting the office designated for recording land deeds and records in the municipality of the property. Every state and municipality has an office designated for the recording of land deeds and records.

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The name of the office varies from state to state; generally, the offices are the county clerk, the recorder's office or the register of deeds. The common documents recorded in these offices include deeds, liens, surveys, easements and mortgage documentation. Some recording offices may have online access to documents, and that access may or may not have a fee.

When searching for the deeds, the name of the property owner is helpful, or if the person searching does not have a name, another identifying factor is useful. If a person is looking for the name of a buyer on a particular deed, he needs to look in the grantee index. If he is looking for the name of a seller on a particular deed, he needs to look in the grantor index. If someone wants to find a past owner of the property, he may be able to reconstruct the chain of titles by continuing to look back on older deeds.

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