How Do You Search for Jobs in New Zealand on SEEK?

How Do You Search for Jobs in New Zealand on SEEK?

To search for jobs in New Zealand on SEEK, access the site's New Zealand web page and enter search criteria such as job type, location and salary, and then click SEEK. This company offers its services across mobile, desktop and tablet devices, both through Web browsing and app downloads.

The site allows users to specify location based on an entire metro area, such as all of Wellington, or refine to particular suburbs and neighborhoods.

The Classification field includes professional fields like Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Sales and Teaching, with Sub-Classification letting users refine to particular job types, such as primary school educator or tutor. Users may also enter keywords to hone in on a search.

The salary settings range from $0 to $200,000 and up. All jobs, even ones that do not publicly display salaries with the listings, respond to salary constraints, showing up in salary-refined search results for respective pay grades.

By selecting More Options from the main search window on the SEEK site, users access advanced search options, such as searching by the day range when the job was posted.

To browse jobs by category, scroll down the main page to peruse based on classification, major city, salary or employer, and click the desired link to view a list of postings in that category.

By creating an account, users can choose to save searches and create lists of jobs to apply to in the future.