How Do You Search's Database of Jobs?

To search' database of jobs, type in a job name (for example, "manager," "cashier" or "police officer") into the website's What search box. You can also limit your search to a certain geographical location by typing a city, state or ZIP code into the Where search box.

After filling in one or both of the search boxes, click on the Find Jobs button to pull up a list of jobs. If you did not fill in the Where tab, then provides listings from across the United States, whereas if you did specify a location, then the website locates jobs within your geographical parameters. You can also enter the name of a specific company within the What box if you want to search for available jobs by company. lets you further define search results by salary estimate, job type (full-time or part-time), company name or employer/recruiter. These categories are on the left side of the page.

Each job entry provides a link either to an summary of the position or to the website of the company, business or organization doing the hiring. To further aid you in your search efforts, also has an email sign-up for which you can opt to receive updates when new openings become available.